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ZZZ Projects - .NET Icon library


Thousands of new icons are available for any kind of projects (Web, WinForm, Etc.) and they've all been designed by professionals. Stop copying your images from projects to projects. Use our library or create your own icon library!


Version 2.0.0 released!


FarmFresh 16x16 & 32x32 (3926 icons): (CodePlex Download | NuGet Package | Icons Preview)
FarmFresh 16x16 (3926 icons): (CodePlex Download | NuGet Package | Icons Preview)
FarmFresh 32x32 (3926 icons): (CodePlex Download | NuGet Package | Icons Preview)
Fugue 16x16 (3570 icons): (CodePlex Download | NuGet Package | Icons Preview)
Silk 32x32 (1000 icons): (CodePlex Download | NuGet Package | Icons Preview)


ZZZ Projects Other Products

ZZZ Projects is an innovative company which offers unique products such as enhancing the performance optimization of a database by using bulk operations features and adding missing functionalities for SQL and Microsoft .NET Framework.
Products are always coded to be fast, flexible and in reliable manner to ensure maintaining the data integrity within the database.
They are extremely helpful for developers and data administrators, who need to regularly perform bulk insert or other similar operations efficiently without compromising the accuracy of stored data at any level.
.NET Entity Framework Extensions
Bulk SaveChanges, Bulk Insert, Bulk Update, Bulk Delete, Bulk Merge, UpdateFromQuery and DeleteFromQuery using your dbcontext.
Interested? Learn more
.NET Bulk Operations
High performance Bulk Insert, Update, Delete and Merge with any kind of datasource and hundreds of flexible features.
Interested? Learn more
SQL DBA Code Control
Innovative application tracking all schema changes in database (who, what and when), sending alert to DBA, with live publication in web dashboard and source control.
Coming soon!
.NET Extension Methods
Free and open source library with over 1000 helpers and utility methods coded in C# and VB.NET. Five different architectures available.
Interested? Learn more
.NET Runtime Compiler
Eval and Compile dynamically any C# code at runtime using expression tree.
Interested? Learn more
Write and run .net code directly in SQL stored procedures without deploying assembly. SQL CLR alternative.
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All credits for this library goes to the incredible designers who made these icon sets. Thank you for your amazing work, this library could not exists without you. No icons have been modified and will never be.


All icons are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.


Fatcow icons
Copyright 2009-2013 FatCow Web Hosting. All rights reserved.


Fugue icons
Copyright 2014 Yusuke Kamiyamane. All rights reserved.


Silk icons
Copyright Mark James. All rights reserved.


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